Developing the future one day at a time

Dunvegan Space Systems is an early stage company focused on bringing decentralized, networked, open source design principles to spaceflight with the goal of opening new frontiers throughout the solar system for the betterment of all humanity.  

Our current project involves a network of data processing satellites. DSS has a system-wide vision for outer space development. Human and robotic exploration are but the first steps towards a larger vision of development. Humans and robots will benefit from a solar system that is "wired for networking." Each planet, major moons and some asteroids should be connected via relay satellites in planetary orbits and La Grange points. The Weather Channel will be able to provide a forecast for Venus or Jupiter just as easily as for locations on Earth, today, thanks to weather, mapping and positioning satellites on each planet.


A sustainable long term vision

When humans first set foot on Mars, it will be a historic occasion. More interesting is the first colony on Mars. This will require far more than just a research station, packed tightly into a rocket, with periodic resupply. A truly sustainable settlement will require decades of robotic preparation. Swarms of autonomous vehicles and 3D printers will assist in the creation of a long term, livable habitat. In-situ resource extraction and processing methods may be seeded, to begin the long process towards building a base for humans.

Moving all these materials will require a transportation network no less resilient than the interplanetary communications network. Propellant depots, strategically positioned boosters, nano-rockets and other new technologies will lower the cost of interplanetary transport exponentially, from today's costs and lead times.

The philosophy of Dunvegan Space Systems is to formulate large goals, and play some small role in helping humanity reach that goal. It is irrelevant whether DSS or another company or government, or most likely, some combination thereof, accomplishes this goal. DSS takes an active role when opportunities present themselves, to advance humanity towards these long term goals.